Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lookin' Good!

We got Abby's doll some glasses from Build-a-Bear, but they ended up fitting Abby perfectly!

Is she cute, or what?

They have actually been really good for getting her used to glasses without having to worry about her breaking an expensive pair.  If something happens to these, we're just out $4!  She is really starting to like them though, and actually hands them to me to put on her.  (Of course, they certainly aren't helping with the eye turning in!)  

I'm seriously considering taking these to an eye care place and asking if they can put lenses in them.   We are just about at our wit's end after going to about a million stores looking for glasses!  We have one more promising place to go to on Friday.  After that, we're pretty much out of options and will begin the process of ordering online!  I'm really hoping that we find something, because the idea of ordering glasses without trying them on her bothers me.


Dana said...

She looks so cute in the glasses!! Kids glasses shopping is the worst, and they are so expensive!! Good luck!

Amanda Peterson said...

I love Zenni Optical online. Complete pairs of glasses are really cheap, so if a pair doesn't fit it's not a big deal to throw them in the donation pile.

Erin and Scott said...

Ask Matthew if he remembers Dr. Goodman our eye Dr his office is still there and they have a great optical center, yucky part of town but great people, I am sure they will be able to help they see lots of kids.