Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feeding Update

We're looking at possibly moving all of Abby's gtube feedings to overnight.  This will be good for a couple of reasons:

1) It frees her up during the day.  Now that she's in Mom's Morning Out and story time at the library each week, I'm noticing that gtube feeds are getting in the way of her activities a little more.  With the new-found freedom of no nursing, I want Abby to be free to go places and have play dates without having to deal with feeding schedules.

2) She will hopefully eat more by mouth because her belly won't be getting full at 12 and 4!  We're really, really trying to increase the volume of food she is taking.  This is a very slow process, but we have noticed an improvement with the Pediasure.  Abby is typically taking 3 ounces of pureed food and 1 ounce of Pediasure at each meal.  (She eats 3 meals a day and one or two snacks)  She's still not chewing anything.  Texture is just not tolerated at all--not even the tiny little chunks in the level 3 baby foods that could basically just be swallowed whole.  There is no physical reason why she cannot chew, but she sure doesn't want to try!

3) The overnight feed will go longer, so we can have a longer stretch of sleep. It currently goes from 8p-2a.  I don't mind getting up, but if it's a positive change for the other two reasons, then it would also be nice to sleep longer.  If we did it, I think we would wait to set up her feed when we went to bed (probably around 10p), so that it would run for eight hours and go until 6a.

We'll see what her GI says next week, but I think it could be a good thing all around.  I'm also anxious to see her feeding therapist next week (we took a month off because of the trach coming out and not wanting to overwhelm Abby with changes) because the texture issues seem to be getting worse.  I'm hoping she might have some suggestions for us now that Abby had adjusted to being trach-free.

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Karen said...

Good luck with feeding! We start Mt. Washington Tuesday.