Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glasses Update

Abby got her glasses!!!

Right now, she's not thrilled with them.  Don't let the picture fool you!  I think that they make her a little dizzy and unsteady.  I can understand, because that's how I feel whenever I get a new prescription.  Unfortunately, she won't keep them on for more than 10 minutes at a time, and that is only with bribes!  

Just like everything else, we're going to keep working on it and try to increase the stretches of time over the next few days.  Today I mostly focused on getting her to realize that she can't throw them if she wants them off!  She has started handing them to me, at least!  

Our ultimate goal is for Abby to wear her glasses 80% of the time, but her doctor said he would be happy with 50% of the time in the beginning.  I think we hit about 8% today.  :)

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Dana said...

They have those little straps that go around and keep them on their heads, I used to use them when skiing as a kid. Not sure if it would make it worse or better (may make her angry that she can't get them off). Might be worth a try?