Sunday, September 2, 2012

B & O Railroad Museum

Abby had a doctor's appointment the Monday before I went back to work, so we decided to make a family day of it and go to the B & O Railroad Museum afterward.  

Caleb and Abby rode a little train around outside.  I wish I'd gotten video of Abby going, "Woooooooo!" the whole time like she was on a roller coaster!  It was a little small for Caleb's entertainment, but I think he still liked it.

There are huge trains in the round house.  Most of them don't allow you to board, but there are a few you can climb in.  

They had a satellite camera on the roof of the roundhouse.  Caleb thought it was the coolest thing!  We found the Ronald McDonald House on it.

There was a nice play area there for the kids.  I love that Caleb and Abby can play together now.  I also love that Abby doesn't have to stop playing to eat!  :)

It was a really nice "Goodbye to Summer" day with the family, complete with a meal at The Cheesecake Factory!  Mmmmm.

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