Thursday, September 27, 2012


Caleb came downstairs Sunday  morning to see that I had removed the changing table from the playroom.

C:  I see that something is missing!

Me:  Yes, it is!  What?

C:  The changing table.  Why did you take that out?

Me:  Well, I figured I could just change Abby on the floor and we could use the extra space.

C:  (smiling this weird smile) Oh, that is very nice.

Me:  Ok...thanks...

C:  I smiled and said that very politely, didn't I?  But on the inside I was thinking, there is going to be poop ALLLLLL over the floor!


C:  When I grow up, I want to be a dancer.

Me:  Oh, I thought you wanted to be an astronaut.

C:  Well, I am.  I'm going to be an astronaut who is also a speech therapist for the other astronauts who need some help talking.  I can also use sign language for the ones who can't hear.  Then I'll just be a dancer on the weekends.

Me:  I see...what kind of dancer?

C:  A disco dancer, of course.

Side note:  I'm sure speech therapy and signing services are a real need at NASA.  I'm confident that he will be perfect for that position.  Dream big, Caleb.


C:  (points to red decorative tag at the bottom of his shirt) This red tag shows everyone else that I'm a Ninja of Fire.

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My 4 kids said...

Love that boy and his vivid imagination. :)