Friday, November 28, 2008


Matt and I have started several traditions that we hope to keep around for quite a while. I would love to hear some of your favorites as well!

1. Each year in mid December, we drive around our community looking for the best Christmas light display. We are expanding it this year to two awards: Most interesting display and Prettiest. We then knock on the people's door and give them a certificate and special ornament with "Best Lights Display 2008" (or whatever year) written on it with our names on the back. The people are so excited to win and it just makes people happy!

2. We also choose a family that we know who maybe either is hurting financially or just needs a little extra joy this season. We go shopping for them and try to pick out some toys that the kids will really like. We also get a gift card for a grocery store and sometimes bring some canned goods as well. On Christmas Eve, we drop everything off at the house. They never know it was us, but it makes us happy knowing that we shared a little joy. This year at nearly 2 years old, he was able to pick out some of the toys for our families! (we decided on two families this year) It was really fun!

3. On Christmas Eve after church, we stop by 7-11 for our Christmas Slurpie. Since it's winter AND late at night on Christmas Eve, no one is ever in there! This started the Christmas that I was pregnant with Caleb. I was very noticeably pregnant and craving a Slurpie, so we stopped! The clerk just kind of looked at us strangly with our monster Slurpies, and a tradition was born! This year, Caleb can join in on the fun too!

So, what are yours?????

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Katie said...

those are all great traditions, Julie!