Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Grammie is my grandmother, and she is nearly 102. Yes, you read that correctly! She still lives on her own in the house my dad grew up in and even had a little Beagle named Gracie until she died two years ago.

Recently, she's been pretty sick. She was in the hospital with pneumonia, got antibiotics for that, and was on the mend. Then she started not being able to keep anything down last week and was finally put back in the hospital for dehydration. After running some tests, they found she had a hernia that was causing blockage in her stomach. They operated Sunday night...on a 102 year old woman! She came out alright (in pain, but alright), but now she is saying that she just wants Jesus to take her home. Who can blame her, honestly? She has had a great life and she's ready to go home!

We're going up tomorrow night to see her, and hopefully she will be in better spirits than she was today with my dad. Please pray for her and the family. Not everyone recognizes the full, rich life she has had, so there are a lot of mixed feelings. I for one am excited for her to be reunited with my Pop Pop, who died 14 years ago! Anyway, just remember us if you think of it.

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Katie said...

wow, what an amazing life! I hope she gets to see Jesus (and Poppop!) soon and peacefully.