Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mommy Appreciation Night

With the busy-ness of last weekend and this past week, I forgot all about posting on Mommy Appreciation Night! Matt created a special night to show me that I do do something right, even though I haven't really felt like it this month.

I came home last Friday to a wonderful dinner of tilapia, parmesan vegetables, and fried pickle chips. (Yes, they were actually really good! He got them from a Rachel Ray recipe.) Then Caleb brought me a newspaper that Daddy and he made together. Matt actually interviewed Caleb with questions about me and reported his exact answers. It was quite funny.

There was also a piece about who knows me better: Amy or Matt? He had gathered info on me (after he had answered the questions himself) and got Amy to answer the questions too. They ended up in a tie. For 2 of my closest family members, they really don't know me very well! Matt thought that the job I would want if I weren't a teacher would be a social worker....does he not listen to my "I want to be home with Caleb" lamenting???? Now, I did want to be a social worker before I settled on elementary education....but not now! Anyway, that was pretty funny too.

Caleb also brought me a Vera Bradley checkbook cover that he apparently picked out himself! He really liked it and didn't particularly want me to have it! :) The boy has good taste!

It was a very sweet night. He is a sweet man. Caleb is a sweet boy. And yes, it did make me feel a little better about myself....until I had the NEXT parent issue! *sigh*

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