Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scrabble Pendants

My sister and I have embarked on a new crafting adventure. While I am very detail-oriented, I lack the crafting gene that my sister seems to have received. However, I like to think that this is something I can do well!

We take Scrabble tiles, glue various pictures/patterns on the back, and add a bail (which is a hanger for a pendant). Voila! You have a lovely, unique piece of jewelry!

I am taking this craft over so that my sister can focus on her bows. So far, I have made everything from Elmo, Dora, princesses, Tinkerbell, Hannah Montana, Vera Bradley, stained glass, holiday, dogs...I have even tested out a few photos for family members to see how it goes!

If you like anything you see or have any requests, let me know! They're just $4!!! :)

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