Monday, November 17, 2008


Does anyone know how to fix this?

When I post links into my post (doing it the same way I have always done it!), the link doesn't show up. It just puts in a very long URL with weird stuff attached to it--and it always puts it at the bottom, even when I clicked at a specific point.

I have checked the help section and tried to report it, but I can't figure out how to. This doesn't affect this blog too much, but it is majorly affecting how I use my school blog, since the primary purpose is to insert links to specific learning games for computer lab use!

Here is an example of what it will do if I try to insert a link:

At first, I thought it was something with my home computer caused by getting Norton 360. It is doing the same thing at school (where I currently am.) Then, I thought maybe it was something with my school blog (even though this one is the one I've been messing around with recently), but it is doing the same thing on this blog.

If you have any ideas or know how I can report the problem, please let me know, my 7 wonderful blog readers!! :)

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