Tuesday, November 4, 2008

just another day in paradise...

Today we didn't have kids, although we did have inservices the whole day! The second half of the day was a bunch of peer presentations and I taught a seminar on beginning blogging. It basically focused on using it in the classroom, but several people wanted to make a personal blog too. I typed up step-by-step instructions on how to set up and format your blog. Then I made up 3 pages of good websites for reading, math, and language. It was fun and I hope people got something out of it. I use my school blog very differently, obviously!

We are working on teaching Caleb his letters. We are working on the ABC song, but I am really focusing on learning the letters and sounds themselves. I am purposely not teaching them in order (because then it just becomes rote memorization) and we are only focusing on 3 at a time. We have these fuzzy letters that he can hold, which he likes. I have noticed that Caleb seems to respond better when a concept is connected to something he can see or touch (like a lot of kids!), so I am connecting each letter/sound with an object in our house.

Right now, we are doing M, D, and B. M = Mommy, D = Dog, and B = Baby (a picture of the 3 of us after Caleb was born. His favorite is D because he gets to gently tap Becky with the letter. Tonight, Matt told him to put the D on Becky's tail. You can imagine my laughter as Caleb began chasing Becky around going, "Here Becky! D! Doggy!" He was trying so hard to put it on her tail! Then, Matt decided to hold her steady so that Caleb could put the D on her tail! It was pretty funny to us, but probably not to Becky! :)

I decided to go to my school (which is where we vote) early to vote "before the rush." Because I was trying to get out of the house as quickly as possible, I decided to skip breakfast. After all, they offer snacks at the inservice meetings, so I would be fine....right? Well, I forgot about the fact that I'm still on an antibiotic and you have to eat when you take it!

I stood in line for 20 minutes and the line was moving pretty quickly. I began to feel a bit sick to my stomach, but I tried to stick it out. I took my coat off to cool off a bit and pushed down on the pressure point on my wrist. (That was a trick from my morning sickness days!) Much to my chagrine, I had to quickly jump out of my place in line and rush to the nearest bathroom. (Good thing I teach there and know where they are!!) Of course, the line goes right by the bathroom, so everyone could hear me! I got all of the pity smiles after I came out. They probably thought I was pregnant!

Well, when I came back out, the people I was standing in line with were now in the cafeteria actually in line to vote (past the first table). I didn't feel like it was right to jump back in line at that point, so I got back at the end of the line. I stood there in an unmoving line for 10 minutes before I realized I would be late for my meeting if I tried to vote at this point.

Sooooooo I stood in line for 30 minutes total with no voting sticker to show for it!!

Don't worry, I did eventually cast my vote for McCain (and Palin) during my lunch break! :)

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Kimberly said...

I like you! Your little man is so cute. He's getting so big! We love you guys!