Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remembrance Pile

On Sunday, Pastor Wagner talked about a Jewish custom where they would make a remembrance pile of differently shaped rocks to help them remember the blessings in their lives. Each rock stood for a specific memory or blessing. Matt and I decided to adapt this idea--especially when I was in an I-hate-my-job mood thanks to last week's conference. We decided to gather rocks and actually write short phrases on them to help us remember! I'm thinking that I will shalack them as well to protect them from the elements.

Caleb and I gathered some of the many rocks that are all over our yard. Some are pretty big, but all of them are bigger than your average small rock. We dunked them in water to wash them off (Caleb REALLY liked this part and we both ended up soaked!) and then lined them up on the deck railing to let them dry. We will probably spend a little family time writing some blessings on the rocks tomorrow.

Right now, it's pretty much just going to look like a big rock pile. Eventually though, we hope to landscape an area next to the garage and nicely display them. We're hoping that when we start to feel downhearted or discouraged, we can visit the remembrance pile and focus on the blessings! My first rock will say: 1/9/07 (Caleb's birthday).

I'm excited about it and look forward to when Caleb can write his own remembrance rock! :)

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Katie said...

what a great idea!