Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Caleb

You know how in baby books it asks for favorite foods, toys, songs, etc.? I thought that those of you who don't know Caleb very well or who don't see him very often might like to get to know a bit of his personality. He's pretty likeable! :)

What is Caleb's favorite....

Food: hot dogs, grapes, and raisins
Drink: water and real milk
Toy: cars and trucks, and his ride-on tractor
Song: "Bumping Up and Down in my Little Red Wagon" by Raffi
Chore: giving Becky water
Movie: Raffi in Concert
Animal: turtle
Character: Elmo
Superhero: Batman
Stuffed Toy: Tina the Llama, Brownie Bear
Game: "Momma? Where's Daddy?" in the car, and the "no" game
Playground equipment: swings
Activity: playing outside
Playmates: Owen and Sara

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