Friday, October 31, 2008


I don't have any pictures to post yet because I still can't load pictures directly to my computer. Once I get enough pictures to make a CD, I will go to Walmart again. For now, here are the highlights:

The school Halloween party was craziness, as usual. I'm glad that this is the last year of the parade, although I'm kind of frustrated that we won't be able to do any kind of celebration next year. There is lots more to tell, but nothing I can post on the internet! :)

As you all know, Caleb was a turtle. Amy had him paint a little turtle picture frame to put his Halloween picture in, which was very cute. I picked him up from Amy's and we ate some dinner. Then I got him dressed in his turtle costume and tried to get a few pictures, but he wasn't overly cooperative.

We walked next door to Wally's house (the guy with all of the old VWs who Caleb adores) but he wasn't there. His wife Fran took a picture of Caleb to show Wally, since he missed him. She had a witch that talked and moved, but Caleb wasn't overly thrilled with it.

After leaving Wally's, we walked across the street to Barry's house. Barry is an interesting guy, to say the least, but he really likes Caleb and has a good heart. He seemed happy that we stopped by, and despite my repeated protests that Caleb really didn't need the candy, he gave him a full-size candy bar. As I looked down at what it was, I saw the "Snickers Charged" label. Yes, he actually did give my 1 1/2 year old son a caffeine-filled candy bar! Needless to say, he won't be eating that...but Barry is a sweet man and probably didn't even know what it was.

We walked down to the house of one of my students (their house is actually our twin), but she had already left, so I got Caleb in the car to go to the Fall Festival at our church. We made a quick stop by Mommom's so that she could see him for a few minutes, and then headed to church.

This is where the real chaos begins! Our church doesn't do anything "small," so there were 2 huge blow-up pieces there. One was a double slide (probably 30 feet high), and the other was a beach obstacle course. Caleb went on the slide with Matt twice, but didn't seem to love it. We didn't bother with the obstacle course.

When we went inside, it was wall-to-wall games and people! They have a nice "Kiddie Korner" for kids 5 and under, which Caleb enjoyed. They even had a small moon bounce just for the little kids.

There were games all over the gym. Some of them were too difficult for Caleb, but there were quite a few that he could play with a few modifications (most of those being moved up closer or being held up!) He got a ton of candy, most of which he will not be eating! I might save some for potty training treats, but most of it will probably go to school.

The best prize all day was from the Kiddie Korner where they had nice little stuffed toys instead of so much candy. When Linda showed him the box of animals from which to choose, he immediately made a beeline for the monkey!!!! For the remainder of the evening, my little turtle carried around a monkey. It was very cute!

Normally, the church asks that kids not where any scary costumes. However, since we have begun opening it up to the public, that is a bit harder to control. To me, I wouldn't let my kid where a bloody scream mask inside of a church....but that's just me! Anyway, there was a little kid there with one such mask who was not much taller than Caleb. Caleb REFUSED to walk past the kid and instead planted his feet and SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER!!! I had to pick him up, at which time he promptly buried his head in my shoulder and cried. I've never seen him really scared by something before. He is definitely becoming more aware of his surroundings.

Matt and the teens did a little puppet show several times throughout the night in one of the side rooms...actually it was more a song that was played and a bunch of little kids running around with puppets on their hands....but they loved it anyways! It definitely wasn't "Hands for Him" level of difficulty, but that is sometimes a good thing. The kids really loved playing with "real" puppets. Then Matt attempted to share a short message to tie it all together....but with about 50 kids under the age of 10, that is a bit challenging!

We (Caleb and I--Matt is still not home) left around 8:15. I changed Caleb before we left so that it would be okay if he fell asleep. He fought it for quite a while, but finally fell asleep by the time we hit PF. I'm hoping he will sleep in a while--especially since Matt is going to be at a quiz rally in Richmond tomorrow and it will be all me!

Okay, I'm officially exhausted. I hope you have enjoyed my play-by-play of Caleb's first "I know what is going on now" Halloween. BTW: I think I'm up to like 8 blog readers now!! :)

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