Tuesday, October 7, 2008

16 Minutes

What would you do with just 16 minutes?

Would you
eat your favorite gooey snack
take a quick snooze
read a chapter of your current romance novel
order a new pair of jeans online
watch a scene from your favorite movie

Or would you
carve a pumpkin on the porch
have a tickle fight on the bed
build a fort with chairs and blankets
float a sailboat in the bathtub
read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the third time today

Maybe you would try to squeeze
a lifetime of love
16 minutes.

For Stacy, Spencer, and Isaac. <3

1 comment:

Gina said...

It is 11:15pm and I just checked Stacey's blog and I am so broken for them, just balling. Isaac was absolutely beautiful. If you go to the memorial and give them hugs, squeeze a little tighter for me. Oh, I am just so very sad for them.