Thursday, October 9, 2008

job change

Seriously, I am going to work at the library. Seriously, how fun and STRESS-FREE would storytime be?! I could totally run those kid programs and do all kinds of things to support VSC indicators! My principal said that I would miss seeing the "Ah-ha" moments, but my quick reply was that I haven't had any of those this year anyway! All my kids did today was talk and not do work. It did not appear that any real work or learning was done. I was constantly on them today and spent most of my time fussing at them instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing. (teaching, in case you weren't sure)

To top it ALL off, I was running late from a conference and was late getting home so that Matt could be back up at church by 5:45. I called him and apologized profusely before telling him that I was on my way. Well....someone had parked illegally on the curb behind me and I backed right into her! I then had to go back in and (tearfully) ask my principal to make an announcement describing the car because I didn't know whose it was. Thankfully, the car was not dented (I was only going as fast as to back out of a space) but just a little scratched. The woman was also very kind and gracious. She is going to take it to a body shop instead of calling my insurance and call me with the price so that I can decide whether to submit it. I'm sure based on the lack of damage that it will be much cheaper to just pay it.

I called Matt very quickly after I backed into the car and told him (tearfully again) that he would have to bring Caleb to me so that he would make it on time to church.

*sigh* I seriously just can't do anything right these days....

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