Sunday, October 5, 2008

crazy weekend

Here's a synopsis of our weekend:

Friday: Caleb stays with my sister on Wednesdays and Fridays. I brought him and was just getting ready to leave when O got sick all over the living room! Of course, I couldn't keep Caleb there, so Matt watched him in the morning (he hadn't left for work yet), but I had to take a 1/2 day to watch him in the afternoon. Let me tell you that trying to write sub plans for the p.m. while you're teaching in the a.m. is very difficult! I got them done though and enjoyed an afternoon with Caleb rolling acorns down the driveway! Unexpected days off are kind of nice when no one is sick! :)

Friday night: I met Matt at the church so that he could take Caleb while I went to the viewing for my student's dad. It was seriously the place to be--the mom works for the school system and the dad worked at the power plant, so 1/2 of the county was there! They had his favorite country music playing and pictures everywhere. It had a very celebratory atmosphere, which was so cool. I like those kinds of viewings. My student was doing really well and hung close to me most of the time. We talked to for a while about how she's going to need to prepare herself for questions from kids when she goes back to school. I told her that kids are just going to be curious and not mean to hurt her or make her feel sad, but that she needs to make sure she is ready for it. I told her to talk to her mom about maybe going back 1/2 day first so that she can ease her way back into it. Like I said, she's doing really well...but still hurting.

Saturday a.m.: We worked a bit around here (Matt cutting grass, me cleaning, Caleb making a mess...) and we also organized the playroom and packed away some of the younger toys that Caleb doesn't play with anymore. That made room for two really cool Tonka trucks I've been holding onto (thanks, Freecyle!) for a while. I brought them down while Caleb was taking a nap, and I can't even tell you how excited he was when he saw them afterwards! They are the battery-powered kind that can go forward/backwards/turn and also scoop stuff up. He is LOVING them!

Saturday p.m.: My cousin's daughter had her birthday at Gym Tykes--can we say CHAOTIC?! I guess it's the teacher in me, but I can't handle that kind of unstructured environment. Of course, my classroom has no structure either, so I should have been right at home! :) Caleb liked jumping on the trampoline, but I had to let Matt hang out with him because I was being too protective to let him have any fun. 20 kids older than him running around like hooligans makes me very nervous. He did get plowed several times, but there was no permanent brain damage!

We then headed over to a going away party for one of the kids in the youth group. He is doing Americore in CA and will be gone for about a year. He's a really great guy who reminds us a lot of Dale (one of our favorite projects from GC and our adopted son!) We will miss him a lot, but we're planning to write and talk over FB!

After Caleb went to bed, we watched Sweeney Todd. Let's just say it is the absolute most horrible musical I have ever seen. With the exception of two pretty songs that are only pretty when they are taken out of context of the musical, it was totally gruesome and unlikeable. The only good part is the subplot love story, and that is never resolved! It's just horrible...thank goodness we got it in Red Box and only paid $1 for it....

Sunday: We went to church and then went to my sister's for my dad's birthday lunch. I love turkey dinners because of what goes along with the turkey--sauerkraut, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, and stuffing!

I went to Staples afterwards and and got ANOTHER internet card (my 4th...) and went to Michael's to get a craft pumpkin and some fake (but nice looking) mums. Caleb and I came home and gathered materials to make the pumpkin's face (baby acorn eyes, leaves for hair, a large acorn nose, green bush leaves for ears and a great half-moon stick I found for a smiley face!) I hot-glued them onto the pumkin and made a totally cute little face. Caleb "helped" by passing me the materials. Then I put the pumpkin outside in front of the mums and got some pictures of Caleb with it. He loves it!! :)

We had a pretty busy weekend, but it was fun-filled (for the most part!)


Katie said...

I need pictures of Caleb with the pumpkin! Sounds so cute!

Caleb's Mom said...

My USB port is broken (thank you, Caleb!), so I got a router last night to kind of scoot around having to get a new Motherboard! Matt is supposed to be hooking it up today on his day off. After that, I should be able to load the pictures from my camera onto my computer. With any luck, I will post some pictures tonight! :) I have some very cute ones that have been waiting patiently on my camera to be shown to the blogging world! :)