Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cooley Jersey

I forgot to tell you about the jersey saga! Matt wanted a Cooley jersey (Redskins) for Christmas. We found one on Ebay for just $25 + $20 shipping (I found it with just 2 minutes left and made a quick bid so that no one else had time to at the end....great tactic if you are an Ebayer!) It was a hand-stitched Reebok jersey that looked really nice. I couldn't believe my good luck....I should have known better!

Now, I get quite a few things off of Ebay. We've gotten baseball tickets, CDs, clothes, our Ipod, etc., and never had a problem. I pay close attention to the fine print and look carefully at the feedback percentage and number of sales. This guy has sold a TON of stuff (all sports jerseys) and has 100% feedback, so I figured it was pretty safe.

It came in the mail the other day and I opened it in eager anticipation. know how Redskin colors are maroon, gold, and white? The stripes on the arms of this jersey are maroon, gold, and pink! As much as I tried to convince Matt that it was just a limited edition jersey made especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he wouln't go for it!

reread the seller's post to make sure I didn't miss something about these jerseys being the defective ones from the manufacturer. There was nothing. I contacted the Ebay seller about returning it and getting another one that is not defective. He then tries several times to get me to make a deal with him! "I'll take $10 off, you get a nice jersey for a really good price!" "You make me an offer and I will consider it!" I repeatedly told him that we either wanted to exchange it for a good jersey (he pays return shipping), or I wanted a full refund. He just kept arguing with me that it is a cheap jersey that is an okay quality! He kept saying that it wasn't defective!

Finally, I had to threaten to leave negative feedback and take it to mediation if he did not refund the entire cost of the jersey and shipping. This is the dreaded threat for ebay sellers--especially people who sell a lot-- because other customers won't bid on your stuff if they think you are going to be a problem. It just doesn't look good! He quickly changed his tune and said that he would refund it to my PayPal account within 24 hours. Low and behold, it is there!! I thanked him and asked how we should go about mailing it back (I'm not paying return shipping!) and I just got a message back saying that we can KEEP the jersey!!

So now, Matt has a really nice hand-stitched Reebok Cooley jersey...that has pink stripes....for FREE! Of course, he still wants a jersey for Christmas, and preferably one that is not pink. He just doesn't appreciate my good deal! Men!! :)

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