Sunday, October 19, 2008

finally some pictures!!!

Hiding behind his red balloon.

Sweet little face.

Playing on the couch before bed.

Big smiles!

I love close ups.

Caleb puts his turtle costume on almost every day. He's obsessed!

This is his "nature" pumpkin made out of items we found outside. He LOVES it!

So proud of his pumpkin!

Digging out pumpkin goo.

This was a little pumpkin he found that he absolutely adored. Unfortunately, it was rotten...but Caleb didn't understand that! We distracted him and made it "disappear!"


Jumping in the hay pit with Daddy

Going on a barrel ride with Momma.

Popping up behind Momma

Reading Daddy's favorite children's book

If you are on Facebook, I loaded over 100 pictures today! Since Caleb broke our USB port and we would have to replace the entire Motherboard in order to fix it, we are now having to take our memory card to Walmart to get CDs made. I just got the CD done today and immediately started loading them as soon as Caleb took a nap! You can check FB for the whole 100, but here are a few of my favorites!


Larissa said...

You three are so CUTE!!

Caleb's Mom said...

yeah, we try! ;)