Monday, July 21, 2008

What I've done while Matt has been away

In an effort to keep myself busy while Matt is gone, I have been crazy productive! Here's a list of what I've done so far:
* Washed both cars
* Geo fans installed
* Began working on the will
* Cleaned laundry room
* Did 5 loads of laundry
* Trimmed bushes and limbs off trees
* Watered flowers every night
* Stood in line for an hour to get a Wii fit
* Painted counter chairs
* Attempted to kill the hated elephant ears
* Cleaned 3 out of 4 bathrooms
* Washed marks off the walls
* Took a Publisher class
* Organized the play room
* Paid bills
* Cleaned out kitchen cabinets

I'm sure there will more to come.... :)

As of Friday 7/24:
* Made dinner for my parents on Tuesday
* Had mother-daughter bonding on Wednesday
* Had my adopted daughters over for girl time on Thursday
* Went swimming
* Had Amy and the kids over for leftover night on Friday
* Painted the storage cabinet in Caleb's bathroom--I'm on the 4th coat!
* Learned how to do digital scrapbooking
* Made 9 scrapbook pages!! :)
* Ordered more memory for my laptop
* Attempted to clean up some disk space on Matt's laptop so that I can even order more memory!

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