Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caleb the biter

Caleb has started biting with vengence. It really hurts!! It seems to have come out of nowhere, but he bit me three times today and Matt several times as well. We've been thumping his lip hard, but I think we're going to have to take it to the next level.

He's also having some eating issues.....as in, he won't eat any vegetables at all! Matt's tactic of forcing the food down his throat doesn't seem to be working as well as he'd hoped (insert sarcasm here...), but my idea of mixing them with tastier foods isn't cutting it either.

If anybody has any new ideas of how we can stop the biting and start getting Caleb to eat some veggies, I would appreciate them! :)


Larissa said...

Have you all ever read shepherding a child's heart by Ted Tripp? It is a great resource for parenting! My mom swears biting back works, we don't really agree. Silas still won't eat any veggies and it is a battle you cannot force, we have found. If he won't eat then he doesn't get dessert or he goes to bed earlier then his brothers.

Caleb's Mom said...

Funny you should say that--my ABF has just started that book! We haven't gotten too far into it yet (just basically an overview and discussion about sin nature) but I've heard excellent things about it. I'm only on ch. 3, but I'm hoping to get some good insights!

The last book we read is The Parent You Want to Be by Les and Leslie Parrott too....amazing! It was really good--but from a Christian psychological perspective, not so much a theological perspective. This new book is totally opposite!

Larissa said...

Yeah, Tripp and his brother are very cross centered and they want to focus on heart change, not behavioral. I really like the heart focus, but it is hard when they are young. Another book is "don't make me count to three!" by ginger plowman, it is really funny and also sooooo very practical. But parenting with a focus on the heart is very much a discipline for the parents as well as the children! But When they are older I know that because it is so centered on Christ we will reap great rewards in our own growth as believers and the growth of our children. They will know so much more about God and man then we ever did as youngsters.