Monday, July 21, 2008

I've started blogging again!

I've been inspired to start blogging again after reading the blogs of several of my friends (KN, LD, KG, MG, and GR, namely!) :) I have started up a new blog because this one is more just about life in general than Caleb's page. Of course, "life in general" does majorl include Caleb! Hopefully, I will be better with this one than I was with Caleb's page. Actually, I did pretty well until I got Facebook!

So, what has been happening recently? Matt is away again, so Caleb and I are on our own. I am becoming quite self-sufficient though. I have been working in the yard, doing a lot of cleaning around the house, and am even 'getting fans installed in our bedrooms! (I'm not doing it, but scheduling it counts, right?)

This is the first time that Caleb has really seemed to miss his daddy. He carries Matt's shoes around with him and repeats "Daddy" over and over again in a really pitiful voice. He constantly asks me "Where's Daddy?" I know that this is hard for him, but he has thankfully been pretty good this time. When Matt was in Colorado, Caleb was terribly cranky....and so was I!

I probably won't put too many pictures on here, since I put them all on FB. If you don't have FB, then get it! :)


Larissa said...

You crack me up Julie!! I am glad to see what you have been up to. I totally understand daddy withdrawls, my boys get it a lot!

Grace and Peace!

Caleb's Mom said...

I think it is all starting to click that Daddy isn't around much. He never really knew the difference before.