Friday, July 25, 2008

Tales of Our Trip--The Butterfly Conservatory

Up until now, our trip has been a bit of a disappointment. Don't worry, it is about to get a lot better!

After a very disappointing trip to the Petrified (they meant falling apart) Creatures museum, we went to the butterfly conservatory. When Carla got us to the conservatory, there was a tiny sign in the front of a huge field with a path that led to who knows where. We were pretty much figuring on being led to a serial killer's house to be his next victims, but we decided to take the chance and have a bit of an adventure. We finally come to the front of the conservatory, pay our money (everything is grossly overpriced in NY) and go in.

We were cautious about this, considering the misfortunes we'd had until now. Well, it exceeded our expectations by a mile! I felt like I stepped into the rainforest. There were butterflies and birds flying around everywhere! At the front of the room was a pretty multicolored bird that made a ton of noise. Caleb really liked him! Soon, the birds and butterflies got comfortable and starting swooping down for a closer look. Several butterflies even landed on us!

In addition to flying creatures, they had a lot of lizards, turtles, and fish as well. They also had a small display case with some insects and spiders, but we stayed away from them! It was amazing to see these animals so close to you! We even saw the largest species of moth in the world. Caleb was just enthralled with the entire experience. It's funny how much your focus changes when you become a parent. My concern was now totally whether or not Caleb was enjoying himself, and I loved watching him be in awe over what he was seeing. Although we couldn't understand a lot of what he was telling us, I'm sure he was excited!

It was the beginning of a much better second half of the trip!

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