Monday, July 21, 2008

Tales of Our Trip---No sleeping allowed!

We went to Coopertown, NY for Matt's 30th birthday. For baseball fans, this is like their Mecca. I'm not a baseball fan, so this was the most extreme sacrifice! The ride up was pretty uneventful, as Caleb is a pretty good car rider and we had lots of toys and books on hand if needed. We drove to Scranton, PA the first day and found a fun (but a bit run-down) park nearby. There was a really cool treehouse there and a pretty nice playground. Then, we put Carla (our GPS) to the test rying to find a Pizza Hut....she took us to a car wash! When we finally found the desired Pizza Hut (which made me ill, by the way!), it was very late for Caleb to eat dinner. We went back to the hotel and played in the pool to tire him out; then it was BEDTIME!

Now the fun begins....we had been training Caleb to sleep in a little blow-up bed for weeks now in preparation for this trip. He had been really good about it...until we tried to put him in the bed in the hotel! He screamed, wandered, and talked for several hours before Matt decided to "drive him to sleep." It worked, and we were able to finally all go to bed.

3 a.m. Matt and I wake up to Caleb crying and trying to climb up on our bed. Of course, he is wide awake. After many attempts to get him to go back asleep, Matt finally decides to drive him to sleep again. It worked....until I opened the door for Matt and Caleb to come back in! At this point, Matt asked if we could just get our money back and go home.

Don't worry--the rest of the trip gets even better! :)

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