Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tales of Our Trip--The Balliwick Ranch Discovery Zoo

On Thursday, we went to the Balliwick Ranch and Discovery Zoo. We found this on a flyer in our inn, and decided to check it out. Well, when we drove up there, we saw several peacocks and a bunch of horses right out in the parking area! We paid our money and decided to get a bottle of milk for Caleb to feed to the baby lambs.

When we got out to the ranch, you could literally walk up to any of the fenced in areas and pet the animals! They had the traditional farm animals (goats, horses, pigs, chickens, etc.) and then also had more exotic animals like camels, llamas, a zebra, ostriches, etc. Can I just tell you that Caleb LOVED every minute of it!!!! His favorites were the parrots, who talked and fought with each other constantly. The only thing he was a little scared of was actually my favorite of all--the baby camel! He was so cute and soft--I really wanted to take him home, but Matt said that since we can't have goats per our HOA, he doubted that we could have a camel!

We made our way around to the lambs and went in to the pen to feed them. Caleb got a little nervous when they all started crowding around him (wouldn't you if they were your height!?) so we decided to stay outside of the pen to let him feed them. Once he felt a little safer, he was really excited!

I have always loved animals and was almost excited as Caleb was the entire time at the ranch! It was just great to watch Caleb get so excited about all of the animals.

Until next time when I share about the Woodstock historical society, hydrogen peroxide pools, and pot rooms! :) (am I keeping you in suspsense??)

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