Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tales of Our Trip---Woodstock!

Matt wanted to go to the Woodstock museum, so we headed out after going to the Balliwick Ranch. We found it in Carla and set out to: yet again, the middle of nowhere!! We end up at this guy's house and he comes down to see what we need. Turns out, that IS the Woodstock museum!!

This guy was straight out of Woodstock, complete with big hair, nasty beard, and the no-shower stench. He then goes on to tell us all about his Hydrogen Peroxide pool...yes, he was serious! "Chlorine is poison to your body, man!" Of course, when we ask where the festival museum is, the guy goes on a big rant about how Woodstock isn't about the music, but about the lifestyle. It's all about taking care of the world and living a life of love (and smoking a lot of pot....) After wayyyyy too long, we finally managed to get ourselves out of there (and we never even left the car!) and off to the town of Woodstock.

Once again, we felt like we stepped into the '60s! People everywhere were all dressed in flowing skirts, baggy pants, and tie-dye. There were musicians playing on every street corner, tons of "save the earth" types of stores, and a whole lot of drug paraphrenalia! We saw pipes, bongs, and pot leaf pictures EVERYWHERE and Matt even saw a room blocked off that said "ask first." Pretty much everywhere we went smelled like pot, and Julie even thought she saw a little growing in a crack of the sidewalk! It was interesting, to say the least! We did have some excellent pizza at this little pizza place, and enjoyed looking around the town.

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