Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recent technology lessons learned

I signed up for two one-credit MSDE technology classes so that I would have the credits I needed for my APC (Advanced Professional Certificate = big pay raise!) Last week, I took Publisher and Digital Scrapbooking, and this week I am learning about Senteo clickers.

I was already pretty familiar with Publisher since I use it for my weekly newsletter, but the digital scrapbooking was all new to me. I learned that you can use, which is a free program that you download. While you won't get quite as many choices as you would with a program you buy, IT'S FREE!!!!! I made a bunch of pages and am excited about a new hobby that I don't really have time for! :)

I had a negative view of Senteo clickers, but I quickly learned that you can do a lot with them without much effort. Basically, you put in questions/answers into the program and the students use the clickers to choose the correct answer to the questions. They can get individual feedback on how they did on the quiz, and the teacher can get all kinds of data for the class. They can be used as grades, and you can be sure that each question on the quiz directly matches an indicator. I've already made an MSA math review quiz and a quiz for Esperanza Rising (a book I plan on using for a guided reading group or as a read-aloud). I have one more day of class on Friday with more time to make quizzes, so I'm hoping to be able to get into my classroom to grab a few resources.

As much as I despise taking classes over the summer, these two were fairly painless and rather interesting! :)


Katie said...

I love scrapbooking but I have not tried digital yet. I'm afraid of the addiction!

Katie said...

Hi Julie! I googled "blogger layouts" and came up with tons of sites. The one I got my current page from is

Good Luck!