Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Know You're Getting Used to the City When...

......You put an address in your GPS to a place you've never been and realize you know right where that is.

...You ignore the directions your GPS gives you and go a different way...and you're right about it being quicker!

...You ignore the directions your GPS gives you and go a different way...and you get lost, but don't freak out.

...You hit traffic and simply turn off onto a side road, knowing how to get back to your original route.

...You realize that the Target a therapist gave you directions to is actually quite sketchy, and you still go in.

...You get offered a ride at said Target by a middle aged sketchy man, and you simply say "No, thank you" and and continue walking calmly to your car...and lock your doors immediately.

...You are certain that Baltimore parking spaces are significantly more narrow and accept the fact that at least one tire will be on or over the line because you don't drive a Smart Car.

...You fuss at the guy who just cut you off because he didn't realize that the 2 left hand lanes are turn only, when you did the very same thing for approximately the first year you traveled those roads.

...You recognize the homeless people that frequent your route, and even make up names for them.

...You have a favorite parking space in the parking garage.

...Your usual route to your home-away-from-home is blocked, so you choose one of the three other routes you know.

...You walk by a drug deal on the way to the parking garage without thinking anything of it.

...You know at what location on your route the cars begin to park on the street, and switch to the middle lane to avoid them before you even see any.  Then you chuckle at the guy who didn't know to do that and is now slamming on his brakes, because you've been there.

My, my, how things have changed!  Here's to two-and-a-half years of "getting used to" Baltimore!

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Raelyn said...

Crack. Me. Up!! I grew up in a large city until moving to the suburbs at age 21. ;-D
PS. I love the idea of naming homeless people. Do you pray for them, as well? {I am typing as my foggy head cold brain is working. I have never prayed for homeless people. Perhaps I should!!} ;)