Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

T-5 Days!  Work is winding down and I've put a huge dent in the packing.  I still need to clean the car and we have a busy day on Friday, but I'm getting there.  We move in on Sunday, which will be a crazy, busy day.  Then, Monday will be in-take day where I do a lot of paperwork, answer lots of questions, and go over her medical concerns...and meet with everyone who will be working with Abby and hope that I feel comfortable enough with them to leave her there alone!!  :(  Tuesday, I'll be with her part of the day before leaving her.  Then Wednesday I'll officially hand her over for the entire day (8:30-4)...and I will miss her!!

Pardon my last of posting while I'm packing, getting last minute appointments in, cleaning the car, etc. Postings may resume after we are settled at RMH!

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Raelyn said...

Wait. What?! Abby is moving in at Ronald McDonald House?! When did this occur? Did I miss something?! ;)