Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beach Babies

On Sunday evening, we took the kids to our local beach to play in the sand.  It was Abby's very first time on the beach!

The jury was out for a while on whether or not she liked it.  She whimpered for a while and wouldn't play with anything.

Do you see the pouty face?!

She did like watching the water with her daddy.  That got her in a better mood.

It was a little chilly in the water, but she liked when it came up over her toes!

Caleb, on the other hand, had a great time!  He dug, sifted, and sorted his way through a lot of sand and shells.

I finally got Abby playing in the sand...but notice where she is sitting!  Certainly not in the sand!!

The highlight of the playtime was digging a big hole and making a sand castle.  They liked standing in the hole!  :)

Simple, fun, memories.  :)

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Raelyn said...

The beach!! We are {Weather permitting!!} planning a day at our local beach later this month!! I cannot wait!! I love everything about the beach!! ;)
That pouty face!! It is pathetically adorable!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
Caleb looks like a beach bum!! Very cool!! ;)
That picture of Abby sitting on your lap!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D