Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teresa Bartlinski

I'm not sure if any of you have heard the story of Teresa Bartlinski.  A friend of mine shared her blog with me a year or so ago, and I've been following her story ever since.  Her mom also has a Facebook page for more immediate updates.  Teresa was adopted from China and was in need of a new heart.  Her time was running out when a donor call came.  They left their Baltimore home and headed up to CHOP, which is their cardiac hospital.  Sweet Teresa got her hero's heart, but there have been a lot of complications--including going into full cardiac arrest.  She has been on ECMO for almost a week now, which is basically life support for your heart.  The longer she is on ECMO, the bigger the chance of brain damage or stroke. 

Her surgeons operated again yesterday to try to enlarge the left atrium pulmonary veins.  It was successful, but she is having a lot of bleeding and the doctors still haven't been able to get her off of ECMO.  They are hoping that a few days of rest will give her heart time to recuperate and be ready to work hard again.  Please pray for this sweet, sweet family and take a few minutes to read their blog or Facebook page.  Teresa's parents are such loving, dedicated parents.  My heart breaks for them to have to see their little girl this way. 

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Raelyn said...

You posted this right around the time I "published" a comment on here!! ;)
Teresa. Sweet Teresa. My heart {No pun intended!!} goes out to this dear, sweet family. Plus Teresa. I've always loved China, and their culture, although I do not agree with many of China's political/religious beliefs. That being mentioned. I have also somehow dreamed of adopting from China, as well. Perhaps someday? I commend them for adopting from China!! ;)
The ECMO machine. It works as "life support" for medically fragile children. This technology is meant to save and protect such kids. In a sense, it does. But on the other hand.... The ECMO machine can be so very dangerous!! I pray that Teresa get released from it. Her heart. I pray that it develops and strengthens, sans any further complications. The bleeding. I pray that it stops. ;)
Keep us updated on Teresa's condition--good or bad--as I know you will. ;)
PS. I am heading over to their Blog now....