Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're Here!

We got to RMH around 9:45 this morning, which is no small feat for a mom packing up 8 weeks' worth of stuff in the car, getting 2 kids (and herself) ready, and feeding a little lady who is not interested in eating!  Matt helped quite a bit before he left for church, and we were able to make it out of the house by my goal time of 8:00 a.m.!

Although I don't usually let the kids watch movies when we go to Baltimore (we usually have a 2 hour rule and Baltimore is just under two hours!), I figured that this was special.  I put in the Muppets and we had a lovely singalong and peaceful ride.  Caleb has been singing, "We Built This City"  most of the day.  :)

The reason we got here so early when we couldn't actually check in until 2:00 is because Roaring to Ronalds was at 11.  This is a super-fun annual event that includes lots and lots of motorcycles!  We were able to be at this event right after Abby was born, and Caleb absolutely loved it!
We got here and had planned to ride in the parade in the RMH shuttle, but there was a little mix-up and they ended up having too many families on the list for the bus.  We volunteered to just hang out here and cheer as the parade came in.  It worked out very well because the kids played on the playground and in the playroom, and then had a grand time when their friends E and S came in (with their mom and my friend, L!)  I don't think they missed actually being "in" the parade at all.

When the House got the call that the motorcycles were only a few minutes away, we all went outside and got signs to hold up and wave around.  Look at these cuties!  (Abby and E are hiding behind theirs!)

When the motorcycles all got there, the kids were able to explore them.  Caleb even got to sit on a few!  Abby was too traumatized by the Ronald McDonald sighting to do much of anything but whimper in my arms.  (We will not be taking a trip to Disney World until she gets over her fear of characters!)

Caleb was in Hog Heaven!  Pardon the pun...

This is Chris, who organizes Roaring to Ronald's every year.  It's both a fundraiser for the House and a super-cool experience for the families.  Afterwards, everybody has a yummy catered lunch outside at the playground.  It's such an awesome event!  Thank you, Chris, for all of your hard work.  She remembered Caleb from when we were here 3 years ago!

So, this was pretty much an awesome way to start our newest RMH adventure, doncha think?  :)

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Raelyn said...

Well. Hey. Welcome to Ronald McDonald House!! ;)
Wow!! Roaring to Ronalds does sound like fun!! Especially for a boy like Caleb!! I am glad that you were able to watch those motorcycles!! For Caleb. ;-D
How neat that Chris remembered Caleb from three years ago!! Not surprising!! But still. It is neat!! That bottom picture touched my deepest emotions just thinking how the last time Chris met Caleb, Abby was a baby fighting for her life. And now.... ;)