Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There Are Good People in This World!!!

Yesterday, a car hit my parked car while trying to pull into a parking space at MW.  The door and back quarter panel do not appear dented, but there are a lot of deep gashes that will rust if not repaired.  Although she certainly could have gotten away with it, the sweet woman left a note with her contact information.  When I called her, she was very apologetic and told me that she would never hit a car and not leave a note.  Praise God for some people who still have integrity!!

The claim has been filed and my van will be fixed as soon as I can get it back home to our local auto body shop...the same shop that fixed it so wonderfully just a month ago.  :(

So, it's an annoying problem, but it definitely could have been much worse!  I'm thankful for the woman's honesty, because there aren't too many people like that these days.

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Raelyn said...

She left a note and her contact information after hitting your parked car? Love it!! ;)