Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Virginia Discovery Museum

We got a great deal on Living Social for 50% off of a membership at the MD Science Center.  Since Baltimore is our second home, we figured it would be well worth it.  We love that place, and it has been.  But what is even better is that we have reciprocal membership to a huge list of museums nation-wide.  We just show our card and we get in free!

During our trip planning, I checked the list and found a museum in Charlottesville that would be worth checking out. Charlottesville was about 1 1/2 hours away, so we spent the day there.  They have a lovely little pedestrian zone there!

The Virginia Discovery Museum was a great place to both kids.  They had everything from a tree house, to a frontier home, to a garden where you could pick your own fruits and veggies, to a mini-Charlottesville.  It was SO cool!

Abby loved banging on these tubes that play music.  She went back to them time and time again.

She especially loved the paddles that you could use to hit the tubes.

Against my typically germophobic ways, I allowed Abby to put on a Cinderella dress and dance around.  She was so excited!

This is the garden I was talking about.  Abby loved putting the food in the gathering basket.

Little Charlottesville had a Panera Bread!  Caleb was my waiter.  But he dropped my bread on the floor and told me to pretend I didn't see that.  I wouldn't hire him in the food agency if I were you!

Caleb got to build his own cars and race them.  It was interesting to see his thought process as he tried to figure out what would make them go faster.

They had a farm with life-sized animals.  Abby loved to brush them! 

The online reviews for this museum upset me, because it was SO much better than how it was reviewed!  Both kids had a fabulous time and there was plenty to do to keep them occupied.  It's definitely for younger kids, but my six year old pretend-play-loving boy still loved it!  It was a super fun way to spend a day!

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