Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sun Spots Studio

On vacation, Caleb had an awesome opportunity to blow his very own glass ornament!  He was so excited, and the ornament turned out beautiful!

First, the guy put a sand mixture in the oven.

He rolled it a bit to cool it off.

Caleb got to choose the color he wanted.  He wanted red, so the guy rolled the hot sand in the red glass pieces.

Back in the oven!

He shaped it a bit before it was time to blow it.

Then Caleb was on!  He blew air into the ornament with a long tube that was attached to the pole.  He's been telling everyone that his air is in the ornament.  :)

After a whole lot of shaping...

...this is what the still very hot ornament looked like.  We left it to cool overnight.

This is the beautiful, finished product...with a very excited little boy!

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Raelyn said...

I'm back!! See, I have been absent of late in commenting on people's Blogs. Why? Because I have been working hard on Little Miss Secretive Writing Project!! At last, it is complete. {Lord willing. He calls the shots!!} Oh, it feels so good to be back!! ;)
I love blown glass creations!! They are so beautiful!! I read an American Girl History Mystery several years ago about blown glass. It fascinated the oddball within me!! ;-D
I love Caleb's ornament!! Red is my very favorite color!! ;)