Sunday, April 14, 2013

A-Hiking We Will Go...

Matt and I love scenic drives, so we didn't mind paying the car fee for Skyline Drive.  We soon knew we would get our money's worth when we realized just how much Caleb (and Abby, somewhat) loved climbing the rocks!!

Our first day on Skyline drive, we just drove and stopped at a bunch of scenic overlooks.  We had planned to take a little hike, but rainy, cold weather prevented that.  I checked the weather the night before and it said 60s and sunny...but that was in Harrisonburg. It's amazing how different the weather can be high in the mountains, even though it really isn't very far away!  It didn't seem to matter that we didn't hike--the kids had a blast on the rocks anyway!

Caleb even took a few pictures of us!  Of course, Abby had to photo bomb one...

The second time we went on Skyline Drive, the weather was much nicer.  We asked a ranger about a good family hike (read:  one which won't involve carrying whiny children up steep inclines) and he suggested one that had "great geological structures at the summit."  Rocks!!  Score!!

The hike there was a little more difficult than we thought, but only because of all of the snow on the ground.  It made for a very muddy walk with lots of snow in our shoes.  

Most of the hike was part of the Appalachian Trail.  While we tried to explain how cool that was to Caleb, I think it was rather lost on him.

When we got to the summit, there were rocks everywhere.  Caleb declared himself in heaven.  Suddenly, all of the snow and cold feet were a distant memory!

First hike:  success!!

(This sign was incredibly crooked, not my picture!)

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Rachel and Daniel said...

Ugh! Your family is too adorable! Love it. Fun little family get-a-way!