Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hand and Footprint Art

At Abby's awesome preschool program through our church, they did some adorable footprint butterflies.  I absolutely loved it!  When I went to hang it in her room, I realized that the best place was next to her mirror...but being the symmetrical lady I am, I couldn't hang it on one side without something on the other side!! 

I have had this picture pinned for quite some time with plans to make it "sometime."  This was just the motivation I needed!

"You Are My Sunshine" is a pretty special song to me.  I sing it to Abby all of the time before bed or right after she wakes up and is all snuggly.  And one day I will get through the last line without tearing up.  Maybe.

Abby was super cooperative during the handprinting, and she was super excited that "her hands" were on the picture.  The whole thing really only took 15 minutes or so.  In retrospect, I probably should have painted the canvas and let it dry before doing the sunshine.  But I'm impatient it matches the background of the butterfly.  

The finished product!

Miss Priss points to her pictures every time we are in her room, exclaiming, "I made this!!"   

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Anonymous said...

Changed the last line to-" Thank you for being my sunshine today." when I had my children. :-)
Jen Piatt