Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red Shoe Shuffle

Shuffle Day has quickly become one of my favorite days of the year!  Where else can you get free hugs, do The Cupid Shuffle with a few thousand of your closest friends, and sing along to "Home" by Philip Philips?!  Perhaps the same place where cheers erupt for the little girl who pushed herself the entire 3.1 miles in her wheelchair, then courageously walked across the finish line.

This is what The Red Shoe Shuffle is all about!  It's about celebrating the seemingly impossible and remembering those who lost their battle.  It's about loving kids who choose joy in the face of struggle.  It's about laughter, hugs, tears, and love.  It's about The House That Love Built!

How did our kids love the Shuffle this year?  Um, they loved it!!

We all had "We Are Family" hats to show that we are part of the RMH family.  <3 p="">

RMH exceeded its fundraising goal, so the new shuttle was there for everyone to see!

Abby loved meeting the Ravens Cheerleaders and danced with them for a while.

Caleb got to meet Batman and see the awesome Batmobile.  His favorite part was the pepper spray!  

He also got to meet the Oriole bird!

Abby walked over a mile.  We were dead last because of it, but you can tell she loved the attention.  She's such a little politician!

One of the volunteers gave her a little red pom pom.  She was in heaven and spent the rest of the walk woo-hooing and cheering herself on.  It was hysterical!

Caleb walked the entire way!  He got pretty grumpy tired at the end, so we took lots of breaks.  That probably didn't help our race standing... :)

We crossed the finish line eventually!  We took so long that they'd stopped timing....but I was pretty proud of both of them!

We made it just in time to accept our awards.  Our team was the #2 fundraising team, and I was the #3 fundraiser.  Thank you to all of you who supported RMH!!!

At least part of our team.  It is really hard to get everybody together at once!  There's a lot going on.

One of the highlights of my day was finally meeting these wonderful people.  But that deserves a post all its own. :)

It was a wonderful day.  Next year, we'll make sure Matt can be with us!

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