Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

Caleb's preschool went to the zoo a few days ago.  Two of his best buddies are in different classes, so he was really excited to spend the day with them.  "The 3 Cs" had a great time running around together!

This C is such a funny kid!

Of course, my C had to one-up him...

Caleb inherited my double-jointed elbows.  You can really see it here!

This C is hanging upside down/sideways on the sign...see his foot?

The 3 Cs!

Abby really liked the petting zoo--especially the goats!

Apparently, I was in this one's way.  No problem--just step right on over me!

Inside the turtle shell :)

2 headed turtle!!

My favorite picture of the day :)

It was nice to have a family day and hang out with a few of my friends.  Our kids got along really well and it was a really fun day!

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