Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is What Packing With Abby Looks Like

It's slightly complicated to go overnight with Abby.  We pretty much have to take the same amount of stuff, whether we go somewhere for one night or seven.  (The things we would need more of for a longer stay are small!)  

Here's what our foyer looked like before I packed the car.  This isn't even all of it!

The view of the car from the back.  We packed three plastic bins full of Abby's supplies, batteries, chargers, power cords, etc. 

I may or may not have raised my arms and shouted VICTORY! when I finally shut the back hatch...until I realized I forgot the bike.  There was NO way it was going in the back, so Caleb had to rest his feet on it. 

Once Abby is off of her vent completely, the amount of space her equipment will take up will decrease dramatically.  This pole with wheels is the vent stand that we have to bring with us on overnight trips because it holds the water chamber that she has to have for humidity.  But we also had to bring her humidifier because she is on that during the day when she naps.  Once she's off the vent, we can just bring the humidifier and it will be a whole lot less to carry!

Luckily, the storage bin in the floor behind the front seats is just the perfect size for two oxygen tanks!  If you don't have a need for them, I guess you could store toys there too.  :)

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