Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Circus in Pictures

Warning:  This is a Picture-Heavy Post!!

This was the opening act of the show. It had a little bit of everything!

Caleb's eyes were glued to the stage, even while he ate his hot dog!  

They brought the horses out, but I felt bad for them having to run in those tiny rings.  It seemed kind of boring for them.

This little one was so cute!  He was literally only up to the man's waist.

The tightrope walkers were a big hit!

Some of the tigers were less than cooperative (those would be the ones staying on their perches instead of joining in on the trick!)

These guys climbed up these thin little ropes like they were sturdy aluminum ladders.  It was pretty cool to watch them scale them.

Ladies dancing in the air

They stacked handstands all the way down!  It was incredible!  At the bottom was a girl, too!

There are still a lot more pictures, but they all have individual stories!  I'm telling you, it was a great night!!

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