Tuesday, April 10, 2012


*  (as we are driving up to our rental home):  "Home, sweet new home!"
*  (our last day of vacation): "But I'm not done having all of the funisms I'm going to have yet!"
*  (as we drove away):  "I sure am going to miss that ole house!"
*  (Throwing the ball for Abby to chase--much like you would a dog):  "I'm training her to be somebody cool like me."
*  (From his time-out spot):  "You understand what I do, but you don't understand my powers!"

*  (completely randomly as he is playing):  "I think Paw Paw is a spy."
Note:  Paw Paw is my dad, so I was interested in hearing why Caleb thought he was a spy.  His response was, "You just never know."  I'm still trying to get more information out of him as to who he was spying on and who his boss is, but this is apparently super top-secret information.  Wow, you think you know a guy...

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Becca said...

the powers of superheroes are often misunderstood. poor guy.