Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go Nationals!

The other half of our great weekend was spent at a Nationals game, thanks to some great friends who gave us their season tickets!  We ended up having a lot of fun, despite the rocky start.  When we were about an hour away from our house, Matt realized that he left the tickets at home!  Oopsie!

This is one time when I wasn't the one upset because I didn't really care whether we saw warm-ups or not...but Matt did!  I chuckled quietly to myself in the backseat while he fumed in the front.  We missed the first few innings, but all of the exciting baseball happened at the end of the game anyway.

Stephen Strasburg is one of Matt's favorites, so he was very excited to see him pitch.

Abby bounced back in forth from my lap to the seat, but she thought she was hot stuff sitting in her own chair.  She got some of her best people-watching done sitting here--forget the baseball!

I have no idea what they're studying, but they both appear to be deep in thought.  Is Caleb a baseball guy in the making?

This guy got whopped with a flying bat and had a huge welt on his arm.  The staff wouldn't let him keep the bat and required that he leave the stands to be examined!  If he's going to miss half the game, at least let him keep the bat!!  

Also, if you look very closely under the railing, you'll see a stream of liquid.  At the exact moment I took this picture, the guy adjusted the ice pack and dumped his beer all over the guy
 sitting across from us in the process!  I can't believe I got a picture of it.  I wish you could see the guy's face who got the beer bath.

The Nats won in overtime (Do they call it overtime in baseball?  I have no idea!) and we were so close to the action that Caleb really paid attention.  The only thing I didn't like was having to watch out for the fly balls...or fly bats, as the case may be!  

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