Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Appointment Tomorrow

Matt and I would appreciate prayers tomorrow for Abby.  She has a big appointment at orthopedics to see about her hips.  They seem to be causing her some problems, as she has hit a brick wall with the walking.  We seemed closer 2 months ago than we are now.

While we're hoping to get to the root of the problem and do whatever need to be done to fix it, we're also feeling a little anxious about what that might mean for Abby.  We really have no idea what our doctor will say, but we feel confident in knowing that he is truly one of the best out there.  We trust him.

Please pray for us.  I'm more anxious about this than I have been about an appointment in a long time--probably because this directly affects the walking, which is a sensitive subject for me.  We're hoping that fixing the hips will help Abby to be able to walk easier, even though it may mean delaying the walking a little while longer.

I'm trying to keep things in perspective, because I know we have been through tougher things and Abby has had much more serious concerns.  It's actually kind of progress that we can start looking at these "lesser" issues, because there was a time when this would have been on page two of her list of concerns!  We're just pretty far away from that now, and this is the first "surprise" issue that has popped up in a while.  It caught me a little off guard.

Her appointment is tomorrow at 11:30 in Baltimore.  Like I said, we're seeing one of the top pediatric orthopedists in the world, so we should hopefully have some good information when we leave.  As we do with all of the "big" appointments, Matt and I are both going.  Thank you for praying!

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