Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egggggstravaganza!!

We went on vacation with my extended family this past week.  My sister's family shared a house with us, my cousin's family stayed in a house across the street, and my parents and two sets of aunts and uncles camped in their campers...for a grand total of 19 people!  That may sound a little nuts to you, but it was actually a ton of fun!

We all had a blast!  It was really nice for the kids to have so many playmates.  There were sword fights and Nerf gun battles galore!

One night, everybody came over to our house for Banana Boats...yum!!!

The kids hung out a lot at my cousin's house too

Hannah and Anna got snuggly :)

On Monday, the kids did some Easter crafts and had a fun Easter egg hunt.

Making cute little foam Easter bunnies

Showing off their creations (Caleb and his cousin Jacob--next to him--were inseparable!!)

Abby's ready to hunt some eggs! 

The group is ready for the hunt!

Abby and Anna had their own little hunt in and around the gazebo.

Abby very quickly caught on to the idea!  

The kids came back to the gazebo to empty their eggs and get the big prizes

Caleb was thrilled with his chocolate egg!

The kids all played really nicely together the entire trip.  It's so great to see them enjoying each other's company.  At dinner one night, they were all playing so well together upstairs that we decided to just let them keep on playing while we adults enjoyed a quiet dinner together!  They ate later and everybody was happy.  :)

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Mary said...

Great pictures Julie! We all had a lot of fun!