Monday, December 19, 2011

This Christmas...

Give the gift of Lock and Lock!!

I sure am! We've given all of Abby's nurses and Caleb's teachers Lock and Lock in some form or another (and always with food inside!) and these treats are for his Sunday school teachers.  Water bottles, round containers, and these rectangular containers have all been given as gifts this year.  Our day nurse is well aware of my L&L obsession and asked if I wanted the container back after she finished the treats!  :)  I assured her that that was part of the gift.

Germaphobe note:  I most definitely washed the containers thoroughly before putting the treats inside.  This was done at the risk of the recipient thinking I was giving them a used container (They were new!  I promise!), but I figured they'd appreciate their food being in a clean container.

Stay tuned for the recipe for these delicious peppermint chocolate rice crispie treats!  :)

PS:  Matt discovered my L&L stash today and mandated that I never buy any ever again.  Don't worry, that won't last long.  :)

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Jennifer said...

Hilarious that she didn't think you could part with your lock & lock! :)