Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Make a Snow Globe

When we were at Homestead Gardens recently to see the trains, Abby fell in love with this snow globe.  It was glass and expensive, so I wouldn't let her hold it, but I shook it around for her to watch the snow falling.  She sat mesmerized until I put it back on the shelf...then, she burst into tears and had herself a full-on fit! 

My sister sent me the link to a how-to on homemade snowglobes on (quite an addiction, I might add--way more than just another food blog!)

I didn't follow the how-to exactly, because I didn't put Caleb and Abby's pictures in the snow globe.  I don't have laminating access and didn't want to pay out the wazoo for two little pictures at an office supply store.  Plus, Caleb was quite content to pick out an ornament to put in his.  :)

I used two little glass baby food jars, which are a good size for little hands.  I hot glued the ornament to the lid. 

Then I filled the jar with water and dumped a fair amount of glitter in it.  I've heard you can use glycerine to help the glitter float better, but it did just fine on its own.

(Notice that this is a different snow globe--the red one was Caleb's, and this one with the snow man and tree is Abby's.)  I put the lid with the ornaments on it into the jar with the water in it, screwed it shut, and turned it upside down.  Then I glued around the edge of the lid to seal the jar.  I don't need glittery water all over my floor!

Abby was quite enthralled with it, although I could never get a picture of her shaking it.  She's shaking her foot here--does that count?

If you're looking for a quick, easy, do-it-yourself winter craft for your kiddos, here you go!  Only, PLEASE use good hot glue instead of the cheap stuff.  Mine is cheap, which hasn't been a problem...until now.  The next morning after we did the craft and I took all of the pictures, the ornaments came unglued in both of the snow globes and are now floating around in the jar.  Abby doesn't care--it just makes more noise now, which suits her just fine!  Caleb was pretty bitter though.  None of the ornaments are heavy and I used plenty of glue, so I'm chalking it up to cheap glue.  Sadness.  I want to try this again when I have better quality glue...and a way to laminate so that I can put a picture in it!

If you make this, let me know how it goes!!

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