Friday, December 16, 2011

The German Pickle

We have a tradition in our house where people who come have to find the pickle on our tree.  Has anyone else ever heard of this?

It's a German tradition where the parent hides it on Christmas Eve and the first child to find it gets a special gift. We don't do a present for finder and we hung it on our tree when we did the other ornaments, but it's fun see who is actually able to spot it.  It's always hidden in the boughs of the tree behind some other ornaments, so we don't make it too easy on you!

If you want to read more than you ever wanted to know about the origins of the Christmas pickle, go here!

Perhaps that's a weird family tradition to have, but it's our family tradition--and I love it!  What are some of your quirky (or not so quirky!) Christmas traditions?

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