Saturday, December 31, 2011

Giving the Gift of Lock and Lock!

It was a Lock and Lock Christmas at our house!!  My mom gave everyone in the family at least one piece.

These pictures are a little on the silly side, but I will try to link the product so that you can see what each one is. 

Matt actually got something we didn't have yet!

I really like these square ones for leftovers.

This one is good for pouring things (like coffee, if you drink it).  The one in the background is the perfect size for a cupcake, onion, or green pepper.  I actually use that one a lot.

Sadly, I cannot find a link to these exact containers.  They were a special set, so I think they probably just discontinued it.  It's two large containers with a handle, with several smaller containers inside of each one.  These are the best kind of deal when they have a sale because you get a lot of different sizes. 

The best part of this whole picture is the baby legs sticking out after a fresh diaper.  :)

I did some reorganizing of my L&L "stash" today because our freezer apparently shut off while we were at the hospital with Abby and we lost...everything.  I had no idea how much L&L was in my freezer until I emptied it completely out!  Now to find room for it all...


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog one night when I was researching about baby's with trachs. My little girl also has a trach she was born at 27 weeks at 1 lb and 2 oz and is such a little fighter, we have found out she has to be 11 lb before we can take her home from the hospital because of her ventilator. Your story and Abbys story is amazing and it blessed my heart so much to read.
bless you

Julie said...

Hi, my anonymous friend! I would love for you to email me at so that we can talk further. Abby was nowhere near 11 lbs when she came home completely relying on her ventilator, so I'm not sure why your daughter has to be. Send me an email and we can chat!