Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look What's Coming!!!

After spending last holiday season packed up in the garage...

The Christmas dishes have officially been sprung!!
These dishes are so "me."  I'm not a fancy person in the slightest, and I love how fun and cute...and blue...these are!

My favorite is the salad plates, which we use for virtually everything except salad.  If I have salad, I eat it in a bowl.  Weird?  The "salad" plates have three different scenes on them, and they are all equally cute and whimsical!  My fav is the three caroling snowmen, though.

Yay for Christmas dishes!  Because I do not live in a huge house where I have room for two sets of dishes, our everyday dishes are packed up in the same packaging we keep the Christmas dishes during the off-season and stored in the garage.  The nice thing about these dishes is that there's really nothing "Christmasy" about them, so I can (and do) keep them out all winter.  I usually put them away in February...or so... :)

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